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101 Trains (101 Dalmatians) Part 6 - A Family Evening Together


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(Read the Whole Description please by hitting the show more button down below)
Weeks have passed since Emily had her tankies. The family all sit together and enjoy their favourite cartoon starring James the Red Engine and Judge Claude Frollo the Dirty Horse Thief before going to bed.

Gordon the Big Engine as Pongo (both Strong, proud and fatherly)
Emily the Emerald Engine as Perdita (both beautiful and loving)
Hunter J as Cruella De Vil (both mean and selfish)
Ash Ketchum as Roger Radcliffe
Dawn as Anita Radcliffe
Pikachu, Buneary and Piplup as Themselves (Roger and Anita's Pokemon)
Margaret Denyar as Nanny (both old)
Jessie as Jasper (both thieves (yeah I know Jessie is female and Jasper is male))
James as Horace (both thieves as well)
Meowth as Himself (with Jasper and Horace)
Percy the Small Engine as Lucky
Rosie the Pink Engine as Penny
Duck the Great Western Engine as Rolly
Thomas the Tank Engine as Patch (both cheeky and small)
Spongebob Squarepants as Sgt Tibbs
Henry the Green Engine as The Colonel
Nick Wilde as the Captain
Oliver the Great Western Engine as Danny
Ted as Scottie (both small)
Aipom as Lucy
Toby the Tram as Towser (Both brown and names both start with "To")
Edward the Blue Engine as The Collie
Donald and Douglas as the Labrador (all three are black)
Johanna and Delia as Themselves (Roger and Anita's Mothers)

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