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101 Cars (101 Dalmatians) Part 12 - Thomas to the Rescue


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(Read the Whole Description please by hitting the show more button down below)
Sarge and Thomas go the LaBouche place once again to find out what Coco wants with the little cars - to make metal coats. So she tells reluctant Harry and Marv that that must kill the little cars tonight or else the cops will come.
As they're watching their favourite game show, Thomas leads the little cars and trucks to safety but unfortunately fail to escape the building as Harry and Marv have the opportunity to corner them and not let them escape.

Lightning McQueen as Pongo (both Strong, proud, smart, clever and fatherly)
Sally Carrera as Perdita (both beautiful and love Lightning and Pongo)
John Bennett as Roger Radcliffe
Lori Collins as Anita Radcliffe
Ted as Himself (Roger and Anita’s Friend)
Widow Tweed as Nanny (both old and kind)
Coco LaBouche as Cruella De Vil (both main female villains, selfish, bossy and rude)
Marv as Jasper (both tall, skinny, thieves and attempt to steal and kill)
Harry as Horace (both fat, short, names start with H and also thieves and attempt to steal and kill)
Luigi as Lucky (both names start with L)
Holley Shiftwell as Penny
Mater as Rolly
Herbie the Love Bug as Patch (both cheeky and small)
Guido as Freckles
Cruz Ramirez as Pepper
Thomas the Tank Engine as Sgt Tibbs
Sarge as The Colonel
Sonic the Hedgehog as the Captain
Gordon the Big Engine as Danny
James the Red Engine as Scottie
Buneary as Lucy
Pikachu as Towser
Doc Hudson as The Collie
Smokey as the Labrador
Various Radiator Springs Cars and Piston Cups Racers as The Other Dalmatian Puppies

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